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This month, I've been sent two brand new picture books from Willow Tree books, a new children's picture book imprint.  Two of the very first picture books from Willow Tree are "Cat & Dog" by Helen Oswald and Zoe Waring, and "Hattie Peck" by Emma Levey.

Cat & Dog
This is a great tale of friendship between the cat who sleeps all day and is awake at night, and the dog who sleeps all night and is awake all day.  They learn to accept their differences and get on... just about...  A lovely story with few words, but many messages, that children and their grown ups will enjoy over again.

Hattie Peck
This is written and illustrated by Emma Levey.  Hattie Peck just wants an egg of her own to hatch and look after.  So she searches the world, high and low, even to the depths of the ocean, and brings home a massive clutch of rescued eggs.  Just wait till they all hatch...  This is a wonderful story of family, whatever their shape or size, Hattie can be mum to them all.  Beautifully illustrated too.

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