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I've been thinking about traditional tales lately, so this Story Cafe is based on The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  I chose the version by Nick Sharratt and Stephen Tucker, as the illustrations are simple, the story is gently rhyming, and there are added flaps for interest and to promote talk.

Invitations to Play
I laid out the tuff spot with duplo bricks and larger tiles for bridge building, and some animals to trip trap over the bridges.

And a piece of blue fabric for the river, with wooden bricks for bridge building and some goats and other animals.

Story Props
I managed to find these lovely Three Billy Goats and Troll finger puppets in a charity shop.  I also used a piece of wood for the bridge and some bricks to build it up, with a piece of blue fabric for the river.

We made some story props to take home
I'll let the children show you what they made to take home and re-tell the story to their families.  Coffee cups kindly donated years ago by a Dad who worked for a coffee chain.

Carpet time at the end
At the end, after the usual coffees and nice biscuits and some grapes, we did a simple re-telling of the story with the props, and handed out a certificate, a family challenge and a picture book each to take home.

Links to EYFS
C & L - Listening and attention - • Listens to stories with increasing attention and recall. • Joins in with repeated refrains and anticipates key events and phrases in rhymes and stories
Literacy - Reading -  22-36 months * Has some favourite stories, rhymes, songs, poems or jingles. • Repeats words or phrases from familiar stories. • Fills in the missing word or phrase in a known rhyme, story or game, e.g. ‘Humpty Dumpty sat on a …’. 30 to 50 months • Enjoys rhyming and rhythmic activities. • Shows awareness of rhyme and alliteration. • Recognises rhythm in spoken words. • Listens to and joins in with stories and poems, one-to-one and also in small groups. • Joins in with repeated refrains and anticipates key events and phrases in rhymes and stories. • Beginning to be aware of the way stories are structured. • Suggests how the story might end. • Listens to stories with increasing attention and recall. • Describes main story settings, events and principal characters. • Shows interest in illustrations and print in books and print in the environment. • Recognises familiar words and signs such as own name and advertising logos. • Looks at books independently.

I know, sharing stories and all the brilliant things we did at story cafe link to many more aspects of the EYFS and especially the characteristics of effective learning (learning dispositions).

Useful links
Nick Sharratt - website here
The three billy goats gruff story - here
A nice re-telling of the story here - with some philosophical questions at the end
Dear Fairy Godmother by Nick Sharratt and Michael Rosen - a brilliant collection of illustrated letters to the Fairy Godmother from the fairy tale characters, including the Troll..

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