Book Review | Almost Anything by Sophy Henn

I was thrilled to open a parcel the other day to find another wonderful picture book by Sophy Henn, including then usual added extras - in this case a large piece of paper beautifully packaged with instructions to make a paper hat!  Yes... it is relevant to the story if you were wondering.

Once again, another classic in waiting from author and illustrator Sophy Henn.  This time it's a heart-warming story about a rabbit called George who thinks he can't do anything at all - he wants to paint like Otter, dance like Hedgehog (check out the headband and legwarmers) or roller skate.

The Bear has a magic hat which he ensures George will help him, if he keeps on trying. 

And here he is reading one of the author's earlier picture books!

And here's the dancing hedgehog with the legwarmers and headband - a throwback to the 80s and Fame and Flashdance and all that!!

We loved this story, with it's beautiful pastel colours and message of empowering little ones to try something new and carry on trying.  All characteristics we need to build in our little learners so they are ready for life.  And with George the rabbit as the main character, it's a perfect story for Spring and Easter too.

EYFS links - Characteristics of effective learning - a can do attitude, perseverance

Find out more here - Sophy Henn's website, Penguin books website

[Thanks to the publishers Puffin for sending me this book]

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