BOOK REVIEW | Goodnight Spaceman

Goodnight Spaceman by Michelle Robinson and Nick East

Perfect timing - British astronaut Tim Peake is up in space and he's collaborated with the publishers of this wonderful rhyming story about two children who's Dad is in space.  There's a letter from Tim Peake at the start of the book inspiring readers and their families to look at the stars and wonder.

Rhyming text, but few words, combined with clear, interesting illustrations give loads to talk about in this picture book.

This story would make perfect bedtime reading when there are stars in the sky to look up at out of the window.

The children in the story dream of being in space, putting on their space suits, flying in a rocket, docking at the space station, doing a space walk and experiencing zero gravity.  These are big ideas for small children, but perfect to spark little imaginations, who might go on to be the next generation of astrophysicists, space researchers, Tim Peakes or Brian Coxs...

This story would also be perfect for a group setting or a family story workshop, along with opportunities to play and explore around the story such as dressing up, small world play or designing children's own space rockets from junk.  I'll definitely be using this for a Story Cafe at some point.

I hope you enjoy it too.

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