BOOK REVIEW | Veronica

Veronica by Roger Duvoisin

This is a lovely book, hard cover, tape down the spine and lovely thick paper pages.  It's about a hippopotamus who wants to be different.  Veronica just doesn't stand out amongst all the other hippos in the river, she feels like no-one notices her, and she wants to be "famous".

This is a slightly longer story, but is written in a way that is so easy to read aloud - a proper bedtime story.  The illustrations are beautiful - one page is colour illustrated and the next is line drawings, and so on through the book.

Veronica leaves the river bank and heads off for the city.  But rather than being different and famous, the city people thought she was so big that she was in the way - she was going the wrong way down a one way street and took up the whole pavement when she lay down for a rest.

Veronica had to find water to drink and food to eat, but things were not at all like on the river bank.  You can't just eat all the vegetables from a market stall in one great bug gulp, can you?

Veronica finds out eventually where she really wants to be... back at home on the cool, muddy river bank with all the other big, grey hippopotamuses.  Just like Veronica.

Published by Bodleian Library, the author a Caldecott Medal winner, this book is perfect for bedtime.

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