A Story Cafe | Aaaarrgghh! Spider

Today we read Aaaarrgghh! Spider! by Lydia Monks.

The children and families played with a communication friendly space based on the story when they arrived...

We read the story - the children joined in with "Aaaarrgghh! Spider!" at the appropriate moment, and then "Out You Go" when the spider is shooed outside.

Families then had some time to make a story sack to take home, making their own props from simple or recycled materials.  We had paper plates, wool, kitchen roll tubes, coloured paper, scissors, crayons and pens.  Here are some of the brilliant things that we made...

Our favourite bit of the story was the lovely sparkly pages, when the family went outside on a frosty morning and realised how beautiful spiders could be.

At the end we sang Incy Wincy Spider and There's a spider on the floor.

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