BOOK REVIEW | Herve Tullet's Stencil Kit

I know this blog is about picture books for 0-5's but sometimes you have to make a slight exception due to wonderfulness!!  My Stencil Kit by Herve Tullet is recommended age 5+ but all his other picture books are amazing to read to ages 0-5 and above, and his illustrations are brilliant.

You get a 60 page book of Herve Tullet background illustrations, and several sheets of good quality stencils also designed by the author.  So the budding creative child can use the stencils, their own doodlings and the backgrounds in the book to make and tell their own stories in the Herve Tullet style.

I love Herve Tullet illustrations.  And all his books are interactive.  We especially love The Finger Family books.  Books with holes for little fingers, even more interactive if you draw a little face on the little fingers first with a pen!!

My Stencil Kit would be perfect for the little person that loves to play and explore with crayons and pencils.

Why not check out his website for more illustrations and all the picture books - Herve Tullet website
and amazon.

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