BOOK REVIEW | Pass it On

I loved this book the moment I opened the package.  The title words on the front cover are embossed so you can feel them, and it's printed on beautiful thick pages.  The illustrations immediately reminded me of picture books from a long time ago.  The font is used imaginatively, different sizes to show emphasis, in a similar way to that done in Dr Seuss books.

The story is simple - see something wonderful or funny or "terrific" or beautiful - then "smile a smile and pass it on".  And that's it.  But some of the best picture books are just that, incredibly simple, great for all ages even the youngest book-lovers, but engaging and funny as well.

I think we could all learn a lesson from this wonderful book - take a second or  minute to look around us and appreciate it all, smile at it, and "pass it on".

Published by Puffin Books, I really hope many, many children and their grown-ups get to enjoy this story.

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