BOOK REVIEW | The Great Big Sleep

The Great Big Sleep by Sean Julian.

This is a wonderful story about a bear and a squirrel.  It's set in the Autumn and Winter and it's time to hibernate.  The bear is ready for his Great Big Sleep but the squirrel is wide awake and not sleepy at all.

Beautiful illustrations take us into a snowy forest world where the bear gets slightly cross because the squirrel won't go to bed.

Eventually bear gets squirrel to sleep and they both have their Great Big Sleep at last.  And all too soon it's Spring and of course, squirrel is fast asleep...  Lots of analogies with parents and toddlers here!

We loved this story of friendship, perseverance and love through the cold winter, appearing at the other end of the Great Big Sleep in a beautiful green and colourful Springtime.  

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[Thanks to the publishers Penguin Random House for sending me The Great Big Sleep]

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