A Story Cafe | Walking though the Jungle

Today we read Walking through the Jungle by Julie Lacome.  This is a perfect story for a Story cafe - it's quite short, each section is repeatable, and children and families can join in with the animal noises or guess which animal is hiding on the next page.

We have a communication friendly space set up for children to explore as they arrive, as always themed to go with the story of the day.

Then families had some time to make a story sack to take home - a paper bag labelled with the name of the story, filled with all their creations that the story has inspired them to make.

Here are some of the wonderful creations that were made today, inspired by Walking through the jungle...

We all came back together on the carpet at the end.  The children remembered all the animals in the story and made the noises.  We sang "Who is in the box?" and revealed each of the animals from the story and made their signs.  Everyone went away with a certificate, a family challenge and a free picture book.

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