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Most little ones like the packaging much better than the toy inside, after all, look what you can do with an empty box...  You can put it on your head like T in this picture for instance!  Here's some mostly visual examples of enveloping schema in action and some stories that go alongside.

Covering the whole paper in paint is a good example of enveloping, here she covered the plate, the potato we were printing with and the toy horse!

M loves hiding under a blanket - or it is just a picture of a blanket?

Stories to inspire and extend the enveloping schema:

  • Stop sticking Stan by Nicola Killen - Stan covers EVERYTHING in stickers
  • Peppa's Post from the Peppa Pig guys - like the Jolly Postman but with Peppa Pig
  • The Jolly Pocket Postman by Janet and Alan Ahlberg - a beautifully illustrated letter to pull out from each envelope as the postman goes on his journey.  Plus The Jolly Christmas Postman and The Jolly Postman or other peoples' letters


For more story ideas and inspiration:

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