BOOK REVIEW | The Curious Tale of Fi-Rex

This month we've been sent The Curious Tale of Fi-Rex from Fat Fox books. It's almost Children in Need and this lovely picture book is a collaboration of at least 20 different authors, with a percentage of the cover price going to the Children in Need appeal, and beautifully illustrated by Julia Patton.

Each spread of the book is a really short part of the whole story, written by a different celebrity author.  So Jools and Jamie Oliver start us off by introducing the heroine - half-girl, half-dinosaur - Fi-Rex, with a foody dream waking Fi-Rex from her sleep.

The family are off to a theme park to celebrate Fi-Rex's little brother's birthday, and the next spread involves raining sweeties in a piece by Amanda Holden.

An adventure ensues, with Fi-Rex transported into The Land of your Imagination, and Ronan Keating, Bear Grylls, Penny Lancaster & Rod Stewart, Coleen & Wayne Rooney, Denise van Outen, Andy Murray, Keith Lemon, Tom Daley, Sir Paul McCartney, One Direction, Take That, Kate Moss, Nick Grimshaw & Annabelle Neilson and Kylie Minogue,

You'll have to read it to see what Fi-Rex gets up to in The Land of Your Imagination, but it involves a tennis umpire, a froggy band, Gary the Duck, a circus ringmaster and a donkey.  This is what happens when such a creative but diverse bunch of people collaborate on one story.

And I thought this cyclops was a minion at first glance!


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