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I first learnt about schemas in the brilliant book from Pen Green called "Involving Parents in their Children's Learning".  And this quote from the same team sums it up - 

Schemas are patterns of linked behaviours which the child can generalise and use in a whole variety of different situations. It is best to think of schemas as a cluster of pieces which fit together.” “A schema is a pattern of repeated actions. Clusters of schemas develop onto later concepts.” - Pen Green Children's Centre, Corby.

Children who are learning through a rotation schema love going round and round, drawing circles round and round and round, spinning, playing with wheeled toys, those awful spinning tea cup rides in the park, rolling balls or metal bracelets across the floor....

Some experiences for rotation schema children.  I know the list could be endless but I want his to be more about story ideas!

  • Singing "the wheels on the bus"
  • painting using a rubber ball or a golf ball on a piece of paper taped to an old baking tray.
  • rolling bracelets or soft balls across the room
  • playing with wheeled toys of all sizes, even better with a ramp to roll them down

Stories to go alongside the rotation schema -
  • Skates by Mick Inkpen - Kipper on skates, watch out!
  • Round and round the garden and other hand rhymes from Walker books and illustrated by Louise Comfort
  • The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle - probably my favourite illustrator - the spider goes round and round and round as she spins the web.
  • The wheels on the bus from Child's play books illustrated by Annie Kuebler

Enjoy!  Please add to my suggestions by commenting below...

For more story ideas and inspiration:

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