BOOK REVIEW | Grandad's Island

Grandad's Island by Benji Davies.

I love picture book art, and this one is beautiful.  The pictures are colourful, expressive and full of life.  And it's printed on lovely thick matt pages, a pleasure to turn.

I wondered if I would like this book - it's about losing a grandparent, and I'm usually a bit funny with stories about death.  But this is not about death, it's about people who are no longer with us, and how they remain in our hearts as we remember.

Syd and Grandad go on one last voyage of discovery through the door in the attic.  Eventually Syd has to go home and Grandad chooses to stay.

And one day Syd gets a reminder of how happy Grandad is in his new place.  I'm not giving any more away., but I really love this one, especially the artwork which vaguely reminds me of the artwork in picture books from America in the 70s, sort of retro-ish.

Benji Davies deals with a sensitive topic in a reassuring, colourful and sensitive way.  And even a sceptic like me is impressed - you can have a great picture book that deals with a big issue.

[Grandad's Island was sent to me by the publishers Simon and Schuster]

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