BOOK REVIEW | Ice in the Jungle

Ice in the Jungle by Ariane Hofmann-Maniyar

Child's Play sent me this new picture book, and it's come at exactly the right time of year.  It's all about dealing with transitions, perfect for July in England when we are talking about the children going up the their new schools in September.

Ice's Mum gets a new job and they have to move from the North Pole to the Jungle...

Ice joins a new school and tries really hard to make friends, but all the other animals are so busy with a special project.  One of the funniest bits in the story is when Ice is given her snack at school - a banana - and she has never seen a banana - it's "the funniest tasting fish she's ever eaten".

Ice finds it really hard being in a new place with new people, where she speaks a different language and the food is different.  But this prompted us to talk about what it will be like at school, what will be different, who will be different and what we think we will like.

Of course, Ice makes friends in the end, and you will see what all the other animals were doing as a special project if you read the story...

A perfect story for times of transition...

[I was sent a copy of Ice in the Jungle by the publishers Child's Play]

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