A Story Cafe | George and the Dragon

Our latest Story Cafe (we call it Rainbow Cafe here) was all about George and the Dragon by Chris Wormell.  I picked this story because Dragons are a big thing in Norwich at the moment.  We are about to have 204 dragons sited all over the city for the summer, and families can follow the trail map to see them all.

We have our own dragon too which was decorated using the children's designs, and which will be on display locally.

We followed the usual format for our Rainbow Cafe:
  • wait for everyone to arrive
  • children play with resources set up to inspire talk about the story
  • read the story to children and families, using props
  • make some things to take home
  • have a drink and a snack
  • read the story again using the children's props, or sing, or read a related story
  • hand out certificates and evaluations

George and the Dragon is about a fierce dragon with a very silly secret.  It's a story of few words, but the illustrations make up for it, the dragon fills the pages with its huge wings and tremendous tail, wreaking havoc around the castle.  George is a mouse who runs out of sugar for his tea and goes next door to borrow some with surprising results...

Here are some images from our Story Cafe  - the children made castle towers from kitchen rolls and toilet rolls and cereal packets, and mouse stick puppets, and much more.

I hope you like George and the Dragon as much as we did.  If you are anywhere near Norwich over the summer, check out the enormous GoGo Dragon sculptures around the city..

For more on GoGo Dragons see http://gogodragons.co.uk/


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