Mr Super Poopy Pants | Rebecca Elliot

We've been reading Mr Super Poopy Pants by Rebecca Elliot - I was sent a copy by the publishers - very excited as I discovered her illustrations and blog a while ago and they are just up my street.

Mr Super Poopy Pants is a story about Rebecca's little boy and his relationship with the new baby who Toby says does nothing else but poop, even though Toby tries to teach him to do something else.

It's a laugh-out-loud story, really funny, with an original narrative  obviously based on real life with little children...  I love the illustrations, they are beautiful, Rebecca uses colour to great effect and her colour combinations are stunning.

I laughed my head off at the picture of Dad and the "submarine poop" - so true!

Rebecca takes real life observations and develops a witty, hilarious beautifully illustrated super hero story.

I think it's a classic in the making, loved by both boys and girls, certainly the ones I shared it with.

We love Mr Super Poopy Pants!

Here's what the little ones (T age 3 and L age 4) said:

  • "I like Mr Super Poopy Pants"
  • "It's funny"
  • "I like the bit about the ghost poop"
  • "No-one wants to be in the park now!!"
  • "I like the picture of Mr Super Poopy Pants"
  • "I like it when the baby talks at the end"
It's out this month, and the author has a blog and website with more info - 

For more story ideas and inspiration:

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