An End of Term Story...

It's the end of the Summer Term here, and the end of the school year.  I'm taking a holiday.  It's needed and well-deserved I feel.  There might be a few less blog posts or Facebook posts, but having said that I'll probably have time to do some!  I'll also be reviewing some great books that I've been sent recently.

The first of these Mr Super Poopy Pants, you can read here.

I'll also be reviewing Say it like a snake by Simon and Lucy Morse, and The boy who really, really, really loves lizards by John Hamilton.

And this is me - well not exactly me I found the lovely image here - but I'm always found reading a book by the sea rather than actually in the sea.

In the mean time, enjoy your holidays, enjoy your children, enjoy the outdoors, and most of all enjoy stories together!

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