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We shared Mr Big by Ed Vere at Story Cafe today.

We shared the story on the carpet - Mr Big sat on my lap - a giant cuddly gorilla.  Lots of the children are off to big school in September so we're reading about friendship today.

The tuff spot play space contained a small gorilla mixed in with lots of other animals, and a wooden doll's house.  The children were able to act out the story of Mr Big playing his beautiful piano music, using the animals as the residents of nearby buildings that heard Mr Big's music and loved it.

After the story - all the children and families went off to get arty - this time we provided wooden spoons to make happy and sad faces, and milk bottle lids.  Many of the children are off to "big" school in September and are getting good at recognising their names.  So they wrote each letter of their name on a sticker and stuck it to a milk lid until they had all the letters of their name - some made names for their whole family.  I had been collecting hummus tubs from the supermarket for months, so each "name puzzle" could go in a tub with a lid.

I'm leaving the rest of this post to the photos I took on the morning as it sums it up really nicely - everyone had a lovely time and many of them were really sad as it was their last Rainbow Cafe before going off to big school.

Resources - Ed Vere's website, Book Trust review,

As usual there were snacks and drinks, and we finished off by singing 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed.  Everyone got their usual certificate, family challenge and free book to take home.

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