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dot.  My daughter loves design and follows and researches all things designy online.  She came across this the other day and knew it would interest me.  It's a magazine for under 5's and is refreshingly advert-free and brand-free.

Here's what they say about themselves

"DOT encompasses all aspects of a child’s life, from jumping in puddles to learning through play. It encourages kids to be resourceful and find solutions using all the tools they naturally have at their disposition: imagination, creativity and fun."

This is dot.  dot sent me volume 7 of the magazine to have a look and to tell you about.  Volume 7 called "The farm issue", and here's dot driving a tractor.

Simple illustrations make the objects and animals easy for very young children to identify, and the small amount of text means there is lots to talk about on the pages.  We find out about the animals - goats like to nibble rose bushes, trees and even shoes!!  Did you know that?

And we learn that sunflowers are grown for their seeds to make oil, and for feeding the birds.

There's even singing with Old MacDonald...

Simple prompts help with talking about the illustrations - although I would prefer to see more open-ended questions rather than the typical closed colours and numbers questions.  We could talk about what it might feel like to be outside in the field in winter, or what we think the pigs like about the autumn.

dot is 32 pages long and they really have packed a lot in.  There are other types of illustrations - the cartoon about Mr and Mrs Twig where Mr Twig learns to ride a bike, an imaginary scene with rainbows and aliens and an odd one out page.  They've even added a really simple make using toilet roll tubes to make a farm animal.  Oh and I've just noticed the joke page at the end.

This is great for all ages from 0-5 - point to the animals and say their names and make their sounds with babies, and 5 year olds will love the jokes and cartoons.

For more see dot's website here.

[thanks to the publishers anorak for sending me a copy of dot for review]

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