I've been thinking about Maths this week, so searched out all my picture books (some of them are quite old...) about "Number".  I always try and use one or two props with a picture book, and for number books this is really simple - anything that can be counted - 10 milk bottle tops, ten pebbles, ten sticks at the park, ten shells at the beach...

For this one I can 10 pretend seeds from thick card and printed out a seed packet from an internet search to put them in.

For this story I collected 10 little rubber ducks from a pound shop.

For this story I found the billy goats gruff and the troll in a charity shop, and collected up some bridge building bits - wooden bricks and pieces of card.

I did actually find a little Charlie and a little Lola at a car boot sale which are really good props for reading Charlie and Lola books

Could use real balloons as props with this story...

A nice story to use with some teddies as props.

Some animal props would be great with this story, and the next one too.  Adding to the children's vocabulary with some new animal names.

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