NEW PICTURE BOOKS | October 2016

An Animal ABC by Alice Pattullo

There are some picture books that I just love, and I can't really explain why.  This is one of them.  It's filled with the illustrative style that I love, designed beautifully on the pages and uses gorgeous colours.

It is an ABC of animals, which starts at A...

and ends at Z...

But it is so much more than that too because it introduces us to animals and their names (the common name and the latinn name) that we might have not even heard of.  I confess... I had not heard of a Uakari and I studied Biology for 7 years at University!!

T is for Turtle and Q is for Quail, and there's even a quiz in the back.  And what makes this book even better is that the text is rhyming.  And at the bottom of every page there is a bit of detail about the animal in case you get asked any awkward questions!

[Thanks to the publishers Pavilion for sending me The Animal ABC]

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