BOOK REVIEW | Vincent's Starry Night - A Children's History of Art

Vincent's Starry Night and other stories - a children's history of art by Michael Bird and Kate Evans.

From cave paintings ...

to modern art...

... this history of art for children is a brilliant overview of art from that of early cave dwellers to interactive installations in a new millennium.

It's illustrated by Kate Evans who complements the photographs of original art works with her own interpretations of the time period and artist.  It tells the history of art as a series of stories through time about a piece of art or an artist.

Art and artists which are featured in the stories include ancient Egypt, Greece and China, Van Gogh's Starry Night, and Kandinsky's circles, Henry Moore's sculptures and Ai Weiwei's sunflower seeds.

This is aimed at an older age group than I generally wite about books for, but as a picture book to share, especially if it is coupled with a museum trip, it can be just as appropriate for younger children.

 It would make a perfect christmas present for an art loving 8-10 year old.

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[Thanks to he publishers Laurence King for sending me a copy of Vincent's Starry Night by Michael Bird]

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