BOOK REVIEW | Pom Pom is Super

Pom Pom is super by Sophy Henn

This is another one of those picture books that instantly grabs me.  I love the illustration style, the fonts and the colours.  Brilliantly drawn to show just what Pom Pom is thinking and feeling, his expressions are great and Sophy Henn conveys in pictures what is quite hard to express in words for a non-writer like me!  It's from Sophy Henn who was chosen as official World Book Day illustrator last year and was shortlisted for a Waterstones Book Prize.

This is another story about Pom Pom the panda, who's very excited because in this story all his friends are coming round to play.  They are all dressed as superheroes, but Pom Pom really doesn't know what would make him super...

Anyway, as in all the best children's picture books he works it out in the end, with his friends around him.

We're all super at something, we've just got to work out what it is.

[Big thanks to  the publishers Puffin Books for sending me Pom Pom is Super by Sophy Henn]

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