France | a cat and a lack of baked beans

On holiday in France this Summer, lazing by the side of a beautiful swimming river in Lagrasse near Carcassonne, and a little ginger kitten starts sniffing around our picnic blanket.  She was very friendly, seemed to want to play, and reminded me of the wonderfully illustrated Ginger and Ginger finds a home by Charlotte Voake.  So G played with the ginger kitten, discovering during this time that even small cats have very sharp claws and that they are well-hidden in their paws until they are trying to grab something!

Ginger and Ginger finds a Home by Charlotte Voake - beautiful illustrations

And I'm also reminded of this story all about where baked beans come from, because there are no baked beans in this part of France, at least not in the British sense of baked beans in a tin in tomato sauce, and I do love baked beans.  However, they do make a lovely dish round here called Cassoulet with lots of meat, but also baked beans (not in tomato sauce but in a lovely gravy).

And because we were in France, a Madeline story set in Paris...

And here is the ginger kitten by the river, playing with  stick and a boy who seems to have grown about 6 inches over the holiday!

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