BOOK REVIEW | Little Bell and the Moon

Little Bell and the Moon by Giles Paley-Phillips and Iris Deppe

This book deals with the issue of getting old and dying.  I'm always a bit funny about reading books like this, they're sad aren't they...

But this is a very positive story, Little Bell dreams every night through her life, the Moon taking her on amazing adventures, seeing the world.

Eventually Little Bell does become old and frail, but she's done a lot, seen a lot and had a good life.  Her last special adventure with the Moon sees her transform in to a bright star in the sky.

Fat Fox books have once again chosen to work with a wonderful illustrator, really setting the scene for Giles Paley-Phillips rhyming text.

A beautiful rhyming story...

I loved it.

[I was sent a copy of Little Bell and the Moon by the publishers Fat Fox]

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