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Schemas are patterns of repeatable behaviours or actions that children show in their play.  Children that have a positioning schema arrange objects or toys in lines or patterns. M does this with all sorts of different things - the wooden tree blocks, the duplo, stickle bricks, tap-a-shape nails...

I've been thinking about what sorts of stories would go with this, or what sorts of stories would inspire children with this schema.  Here's a selection of my ideas...

1. 123 to the zoo by Eric Carle - lining up trains
2. Noah's Ark by Lucy Cousins - lining up the animals
3. Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson - lining up animals, playing with the owls
4. Washing line by Jez Alborough  hanging washing on the line

and some more images of positioning schema in action...

EYFS links - looking at children's schemas, and allowing them to express themselves in their play in this way, links in with HOW children are learning.  The characteristics of effective learning tell us as practitioners HOW children are learning through their play, and these skills are really important for their future lives as learners.  So when observing children at play, and when they are learning through schemas, we are seeing motivation, involvement, engagement, active learning, critical thinking... and more.  For more on Characteristics of effective  learning see Development matters or the excellent book How Children learn from Early Education

For more story ideas and inspiration:

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