BOOK REVIEW | The Book with No Pictures

This book is amazing - the only problem is, can I read it as well as the author B.J.Novak... I doubt it.  If you want to see what I mean, there is a brilliant video online here of the author reading his book.  Listen, watch and laugh out loud like all the children in his audience.

This is what it says on the cover - yes you can judge a book by it's cover!  There are really no pictures, just words.  But the typography acts as a kind of illustration... I'm a big fan of typography at the moment, words can be used to convey the feeling or emotion or sound of what is being written.

And you have to read ALL the words, even the embarassing ones like BOO BOO BUTT!  However, it will get the audience laughing.  How about getting the children to make up their own silly words, and say them out loud like in the book.

[Thanks to the publishers for sending me a copy of The Book with No Pictures]

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