Book Review | Dog on Stilts

We've been reading Dog on Stilts by James Thorp and Angus Mackinnon.

I am a big fan of beautifully illustrated picture books, I have quite a specific taste!  But this is amazing.  I love the slightly quirky retro-ness of the pictures and the colours.  

"The world is filled with wonderful dogs...", contemplates Medium Dog.

He is not satisfied just being an ordinary dog.  He wants to be different.  So he builds himself some stilts and goes off to have an adventure, leaving his friends behind.

Dog on Stilts also has brilliant rhyming text, children love to hear the rhythm, and can predict what rhyming word is coming next.  "Next thing he knew he was safe home in bed, with a bruise on his bum and a lump on his .....?"  And this is the packaging the book arrived in - how wonderful is that...

We really liked Dog on Stilts, and I can see it becoming a big hit.

[I was sent a review copy of Dog on Stilts by the publishers]

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