Book Review | Webster's Email

We've been reading Webster's Email by Hannah Whaley.

Webster takes a picture of his sister which he thinks looks really funny, and emails it to his Dad.  The email gets forwarded round family and friends, until Webster wishes he hadn't sent it - everyone is laughing at the funny picture of his sister.  As the email travels from computer to computer, we count from 1 to 20.  At last Webster's Mum sees the email - but she's not cross, she thinks it's funny too.  However Webster has learnt a lesson, and along the way, we've practiced counting from 1-20 and talked about computers and how we can use them to send and retrieve information.

EYFS links - Literacy (reading) - stories, Mathematics (number) - counting, Understanding the World - (Technology) - computers for sending and retrieving information.

[I was sent a copy of Webster's Email by the publishers]

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