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The second installment in the Happy Hooves series has been published, and we have had a chance to look at it already.

Rebecca Elliots' beautiful illustrations once again accompany A. Bogie's rhyming story.

It's Christmas Eve and Cow is looking for all her friends.  She wants them to make everything just right for Santa to visit them in their homes.  They are all very worried when they realise that none of them have a chimney for Santa to come down.  But Cow reassures them, you don't need a chimney for Santa to visit.

I love the illustrations as usual, and there is so much on the pages for the children to talk about.  They get very excited as they point to the things they can see and shout out their names - "Christmas Tree", "a bat!!", "Christmas cards", "2 cats".

We spend a lot of time talking about Christmas and what they remember and what they think it's going to be like.

This is a lovely story to read on Christmas Eve.  A feel-good rhyming romp, friendship winning over, and Santa too "Ho Ho Ho".

We will definitely be reading this again nearer Christmas, and will quite probably get asked for it many times!

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[I was sent a copy of "Oh Oh Oh" by the publishers to review]

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