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Wow - this morning It's All About Stories had it's 10,000th hit on the blog.  So a big thank you to everyone who has looked at it.  I hope some of you have been inspired to use stories in your work with children, with your family and in the children's play.  I hope you have found some good ideas for books to share that you were unaware of before, or have been reminded of some of the lovely books that were published when us grown-ups were children.  And I hope you have been inspired to extend your use of stories with activities and experiences based on a story.

Recently, my daughter and I embarked on a project to photograph and archive all of our picture story books - and we have a lot!  I have spent many hours over the years trawling through the book shelves of charity shops to find that story I've been looking for, or picking up a copy of a new story I've never read.  My daughter is now 15 (!) but this project has inspired her to look at picture books again, she loves some illustrators in particular and remembers reading the stories as a little one.  So we will be launching a new occasional series here on the blog where Hannah will pick one of her favourite books from when she was little and write about it.

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