Counting... with Lola and the Gruffalo

We've been counting this week..

So I've been searching out books with numbers and things to count.  My two favourite this week are:

  • Gruffalo's Numbers by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler
  • Charlie and Lola's Numbers by Lauren Child

I have a little Lola toy and a Gruffalo, so I say to the children "Who would like to help Lola do some counting?"  Well of course EVERYONE does!  So we pass round Lola and everyone gets a chance to help Lola count the items on the pages of her book.  Our favourite page in this book today is the one with the nibbly biscuits!  And what a surprise, all the children know the names of all the different types of biscuit!!  The custard cream has Lola's face on it!

We do the same the next day with the Gruffalo and the book "Numbers"...

By this time we have excited a passion about counting and playing with numbers.  The stickle bricks are out on the table.  Two of the children select some stickle bricks, put them on a flat piece of "stickle-bricky stuff" and pretend they have a birthday cake. We talk about how many "candles" they have and how many they might need when it is their own birthday and what if it was MY birthday then we don't have enough candles!

And then we have a go at this lovely puzzle - some of the children recognize the numerals, some can count all the way to 10 and know which number comes next...

What number stories can you find this week, and what activities or experiences spin off from this?

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