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Autumn is here.  I love going on collecting walks and already have filled the area by my back door with bags of leaves of all different sizes, chestnuts and twigs.  I've dug out all the books I could find on our shelves with an "autumny" theme and here they are...

So, I found...

  • Out and About - Shirley Hughes - beautiful illustrations and poems about the seasons.

  • In the Autumn - Lesley Anne Ivory - vintage board book with simple illustrations and one or two words  about Autumn.

  • Skip through the Seasons - Stella Blackstone and Maria Carluccio - a double page spread per month with key words at the bottom of each page.  Lots of things to spot and talk about in the illustrations.  I love this one and shall be trying to look at the page for each month with the children as we get a new month, perhaps with some props for added talk value.

  • One year with Kipper - Mick Inkpen - again, a month per double page spread as Kipper takes photos each onth with his new camera and shares them with us.

  • The Very Busy Spider - Eric Carle - as the spider spins her web we feel the raised bumps on the pages as the web gets bigger, and the spider meets some animal friends who want to play.

Hope you can find some Autumn story inspiration here..

I'll be posting some Autumn themed "invitations to play and talk" in the next few weeks - and then onwards to Christmas and winter!!!!

If you have any more great Autumn books on your shelves let me know by commenting on the post...

For more ideas and inspiration check out my Pinterest boards "Stories, stories, stories" and Story Activities".


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