We've had some really exciting weather here in the last few days - high winds, lashing rain, non-stop rain, drizzly rain, persistent rain and showers!

So, it made me think about reading some stories about STORMY WEATHER...

Here's five books about stormy weather that I found on our shelves at the weekend.

Read on for details...

1. The Thingamabob by Il Sung Na - lovely illustrations, and what IS that thingamabob!

2. Elmer's Weather by David McKee - Elmer encounters all sorts of weather - a good short read for babies with lots to talk about on the pages

3. One Windy Wednesday by Phyllis Root & Helen Craig - funny story about all the farm animals getting their voices mixed up by the wind

4. The Wind Blew by Pat Hutchins - it's a windy day and everyone loses something in the wind.

5. After the Storm by Nick Butterworth - Percy the Park Keeper clears up after the storm.  And there's a beautiful fold out illustration of the oak tree with all the animals in it at the end of the book.

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Maybe today's weather will inspire you to read a different story...


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