BOOK REVIEW | May 17 | my new room

my new room by Lisa Stickey

This is Edith.  She's moving into a new room.

These are Edith's favourite toys.  She's found a special place for each of them in her new room.

I really like her crochet bedspread - I would really like one of these and am not anywhere near good enough at crochet to make one...

Thankfully all Edith's toys love her new room, and they make a banner to tell her!

I loved Lisa Stickey's first picture book - Handstand - a counting book.  She combines her beautifully simple pencil drawings with some collage pieces (like the crochet bedspread that I love).  The text is wonderfully created to look like Edith has written this herself, and is presented on "lined paper" for great effect.  This will be a big hit.  And I think Lisa Stickey is going to become a classic name in picture book illustrating.

[Thanks to the publishers Pavilion for sending me my new room]

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