About My Blog

It's all about stories is just what it says - a blog about stories!

Inspiration from my Story Cafe (we call it Rainbow Cafe) for preschool families - a workshop cafe session based on a story theme - The Very Hungry Caterpillar is what the children are exploring in this picture!

And inspiration from my favourite authors and illustrators, play and exploration based on story themes, communication friendly spaces, treasure basket and heuristic play for babies, toddlers and older children and encouraging communication and language in the Early Years.

I'm passionate about stories and their connection to early communication and language - inspiring families to help their children's developing communication and language skills.

And lots of my own ideas for activities based on stories plus links, tips, videos, ideas, photos, and fun, joyful learning...

About Me

I'm management committee chair of a voluntary-run Preschool, am a qualified teacher with an additional level 4 Certificate in Early Years Practice. 

I run family Story Cafe workshops called Rainbow Cafe for preschool families, and recently workshops for families with younger children with a communication and play theme such as Treasure Basket play. 

I've been part of a group of friends running a drop-in parent and toddler group for the last 10 years (wow!) and work as a childminder's assistant too.

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It's All About Stories now has a Facebook page.  It will have links to all the blog posts plus other updates regularly about stories, children's books, heuristic play and treasure baskets, communication friendly spaces and which books we've been reading and buying recently.

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I've got some great boards on Pinterest, all about the blog, stories, story activities, treasure baskets, heuristic play and activities and spaces for play for child minders.  Plus, my personal likes such as birds, cycling, books and art.

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  1. Hello!
    I have discovered your blog with great delight! I think you and your readers may be interested in discovering a series of stories entitled 'The Adventures of Enzo' by Sonia Colasse.
    Enzo is a whimsical and imaginative boy who sets off to discover his world under the watchful eye of his lucky star. This 12-book series follows Enzo as he makes friends with each character of the zodiac. In these adventures, children learn life’s basic values (patience, love, forgiveness, etc.) through delightful vivid illustrations.

    Here is a link to the series' site: www.soloinfinity.com/enzo
    We would love to have you write a review if you feel so inclined. Please connect with me at soloinfinity.mel@gmail.com

    I look forward to hearing from you!
    Melissa Christensen
    Assistant to Sonia Colasse

  2. Hello Nicky!

    Apologies for the post here on your About page, I couldn't see an email form. I found your blog through The Federation of Children's Book Groups. I am a Barefoot Books Ambassador and would love to work with you by providing free review copies and/or hosting give-aways on your blog. If you're interested please contact me at: http://kate-blackham.barefootbooks.com/ or via email to barefeet@kateblackham.co.uk.

    All the best,