HALLOWEEN | Spooky story-telling

I've been sent some spooky games to play in the run up to Halloween - Scary Bingo and Ghost Story Dice.

Loads of fun with monsters and crazy creatures in this bingo game with a difference.  The box contains 8 double-sided game cards, 48 game chips for covering over the monsters you have matched, a cardboard monster head to store the game chips in and 48 monster cards.  Cover all the monsters on your card first to win.  Great for all ages and as a family game.

The Ghost Story Dice box contains 9 dice, each with 6 different story images, and a little booklet naming the pictures.  Roll the dice and make up a spooky tale of knights and ghosts with an invisibility cloak, a book of spells, a candle, dungeon, owl, wand and haunted house.  This one is for slightly older children (5 and up).

Here's what you get...

Family games play a big part in children's literacy, and for the younger ones, describing the different monsters in the bingo game, their colours, shapes and characteristics, will help to build vocabulary.  And the Story, which incidentally come ion lots of other themes, are perfect for older children to begin to make up their own stories.

[Thanks to the publishers Laurence King for sending me these games]

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