In the Woods by Thereza Rowe

I've been sent In the Woods by Thereza Rowe, from Thames and Hudson.

So, I open the padded envelope that the postman has just delivered to discover this inside!  Hardback,  lovely thick paper pages, gorgeous bold colours and an individual style of illustration that I immediately love.  This picture book is three inter-related tales in one - Olly's wings, Lionel's mane and Red's wedding.  Three forest friends who all have a problem to solve and are helped out by the penguins (yes, penguins) who also live in the forest and just want everyone to be happy.

This is Lionel the lion who loses his mane.  His friends soon solve the problem though...

And his is Red the fox's wedding cake - the wolf stole the first cake and the forest friends make this beautiful alternative.

Thereza Rowe is a Brazilian illustrator who is based in London.  She says that the ideas for the book's characters were from her "box of whispers" where she keeps all her potential picture book characters.  Published this August, this book is a classic in the making.

[Thanks to the publishers Thames and Hudson for sending me "Into the Woods"]

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