We shared Sunk! by Rob Biddulph at Story Cafe today.

We shared the story on the carpet - I had a big bag to show the children - but what was in it?  All my pirate dressing up staff - so I pulled out of the bag and put on a pirate hat, a big belt, a bandana, a pirate flag, an eye patch, and then out came my treasure box full of gold and silver.  We read the story - props included garden stick puppets of penguin blue, Captain walker plank and the sunken ship, and a map of the seven seas.

We put a selection of sea creatures and a penguin on the tuff spot with an ocean backdrop (bit of fishy table cloth cut to the shape of the tuff spot).  And on a piece of blue cloth, all the little duplo men I could find with some plastic containers for boats.

All the children and families went off to get arty with penguins, pirate hats, puppets, and walruses, using the open-ended resources provided.  One Mum even made some big paper boats by folding paper - she had remembered from her childhood!

As usual there were snacks and drinks, and we finished off by reading It's not my pirate from Usborne books, and singing Row, row, row your boat - all the verses we could remember.

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