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This week I've been reading "Under the love umbrella" by Davina Bell and Allison Colpoys.

This brand new picture book is from the author / illustrator duo who brought us the award winning "The underwater fancy dress parade".  It is a story of love and diversity.  It reminds us that wherever we go in the world, the same people will always be there under our love umbrella, thinking of us, looking after us and comforting us when we need it.

The books message is illustrated perfectly, showing the diversity of family life today.  And the metaphor of the umbrella is illustrated by fireworks, stars, balloons, leaves, kites, even a tent.

There are umbrellas to find in all the illustrations to give an added talking point to the story.  Some of them are very cleverly hidden.

Who's under your love umbrella?

The author and illustrator say that the inspiration for the book came out of a tour promoting their first picture book.  They met children on the tour who's "essence" stayed with them and was revived in the illustrations for the love umbrella book.  They say "there has never been a more important moment to tie love and diversity together in the minds of children" and that this is a "... chance to speak into their hearts through story".  And they are right.  The book was written on New York, a place which, they say, has "actively embraced diversity in the face of hatred".  A perfectly timed children's story.

This is a really beautiful book - rhyming text which is always a favourite with me, stunning illustrations, gorgeous colours, lovely thick matt pages and a simple but powerful message.

[Thanks to the publishers Scribe for sending me this book]

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