Book Review | April 2017 | 123

123 A Ladybird Book.

This is the original Ladybird Numbers book, published in 1959, in a new edition for 2017.  The same beautiful illustrations by GW Robinson and the same "talk about" pages at the end, but in a large size hard back.

Plenty of opportunity to help children count to 12, to practice one to one correspondence as they count a number for each item and to talk about the everyday objects on the pages.

I love this book.  It reminds me that some of the best toys were so simple - no plastic or noises or flashing lights or apps - wooden bricks to stack, boats to take to the pond to sail, and wooden beads to thread. I am sitting here writing this on my laptop though... technology has been good for lots of things.

I love books that encourage talk.  Books are about sharing after all.  And this book has plenty to talk about together at bedtime, or anytime.

[Thanks to the publishers Penguin Random House for sending me this book]

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