Squares and other shapes

Squares and other shapes with Josef Albers from Phaidon books - part of their series "First concepts with Fine Artists".

Josef Albers (1888-1976) was best known for his paintings of the Square.  All the pages contain one of Albers artworks of squares but also circles, triangles and "funny shapes".

The colours are beautiful and perfectly set-off by the bright white background of the pages and the bold black text.

These are Albers "funny shapes"...

I'd never heard of Josef Albers until today, but I'm sure his work will go on to inspire a new generation of parents, teachers and children as they share this lovely book together.  Just think of the creativity and imagination that could be inspired by looking at Albers works and then  playing with shapes, paint, paper, dough, colours, and blocks, linking into the EYFS in expressive arts and design, mathematics, literacy and communication & language.

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[Thanks to the publishers Phaidon for sending me this book]

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