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Today's story was A Dot in the Snow by Corinne Averiss and Fiona Woodcock.  This is a lovely tale about a polar bear called Miki whose Mum wants to teach him how to dive for food, but Miki is more interested in investigating the little red dot that he sees on the distance in the white snow.

It's a lovely story of friendship, but also of realising where home is.  The dot is a little girl. Miki spends a day playing with her, but at the end of the day they miss their Mums and head home.

We read the story using props.  The children joined in pointing out what they could see in the pictures and what they thought was going to happen next.  I really liked the idea of using the different -sized red pom poms to show how the dot got bigger as the polar bear got closer to it.

Children were able to play with story-related items on the tuff spot, using their imagination to tell their own stories about the little girl and the polar bear.

Families then picked a paper bag and lots of different items from the table to make some of their own story props to take home.  We made polar bears, the little girl, lots of snowflakes and

After teas and coffees and cake and grapes we all came back together on the carpet to sing "The polar bear is very furry" and other arctic animals.  The children all left happy with a free picture book, a certificate and a family challenge.

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