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The enclosure and containing schema is apparent in children who love to make train tracks to enclose the trains, fences to enclose the animals, duplo or block walls and enclosures to put the little people or animals in and when they draw or paint a great big circle round the thing they have drawn or painted.  And filling buckets with mud, filling egg boxes with scoops of rice, filling different sized containers with dry pasta...  Here are some of our examples of enclosure / containing at play -

Stories to go alongside enclosing and containing schemas - this was a difficult one, I looked through all my picture books (there are a lot)  and only came up with two, so need some help with this one please!

  • Everyone hide from Wibbly Pig by Mick Inkpen - lift flaps and look for Wibbly Pig in all the different hiding places

  • Whatever Next by Jill Murphy - bear goes on a trip to the moon, he packs everything he needs in a huge cardboard box

    • Enjoy!  Please add to my suggestions by commenting below...

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