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Fat Fox books sent me a preview of this new picture book, to be published at the end of February.  It's called Lili and is written and illustrated by Wee Dee Tan.

It's about a little girl called Lili who finds it hard to make friends.  Her beautiful fiery red hair, sometimes small and sometimes big, is literally "fiery".  She can keep you warm in the evening chill...

or accidentally set fire to your washing...

The village children don't want to play with Lili because her hair spoils their games.  But one day the village children need help and Lili is the only one who can come to their rescue, her fiery red hair saving the day...

A picture book with few words, but with atmospheric and meaningful illustrations is exactly the sort of story that works with the 2-4 years olds that I work with.

I loved this story, although haven't shared it with the children yet as I only had access to an electronic copy.  The illustrations are simple yet effective, and the little audience will have plenty to talk about as they share the pictures. The author has used pencil line drawings combined with flashes of bright orange to give wonderful power and effect to Lili's fiery red hair.

The book's subject matter, dealing with loneliness, rejection and friendship, may be  sensitive, but the book deals with it in such a simple manner that even the smallest audience will understand.  It will encourage talk about feelings, "How do you think Lili felt when...?" and emotions, "How do you think Lili feels now?"  It links nicely with the Early Years Foundation Stage, as we help children to be aware of other's feelings, express their own feelings, respond to the feelings and wishes of others and to know that some actions and words can hurt other's feelings.  And in Understanding the World, we teach children about the similarities and differences connecting them to, and distinguishing them from, others, and to know the special things that make them unique.

Early Years Foundation Stage links -
  • Personal, social and emotional development - managing feelings and behaviour and making relationships
  • Understanding the world - people and communities

Lili by Wee Dee Tan was released on 23rd February 2015, so is available now.

To win a signed copy, email me your thoughts (one sentence) on the book by Monday 9th March, at nickyhudson2@gmail.com.


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