Book Review | Happy Hooves, Ta dah!

This week we are reviewing Happy Hooves, Ta dah! by A. Bogie and illustrated by Rebecca Elliot.  Happy Hooves is going to be a series of books about a donkey and his hooved friends, who use the power of teamwork and friendship to overcome challenges and the first in the series is "Ta Dah!"

I love Rebecca Elliot's illustrations.  The backgrounds remind me of all those 70's retro designs with repeating patterns and bold colours, oranges and turquoises.The corn field with it's yellow corn design and the apple tree with it's repeating apple design remind me of my duvet covers in the 70s - but in a good way - these designs have nicer colours!  I especially like the black background of the page where the cow is feeling low and thinks she "can't do it", it's covered with brightly coloured flower and bird designs.

The children loved the animals in the story.  They were excited to find out how each one managed to find their own way to cross the cattle grid.  And they especially liked how all the other animals worked together to help the cow overcome that great obstacle to cows...

T - he's 3 years old - thought the animals must be really tired because "the animals built a castle, sailed a boat AND built a bridge"  He thought that was a lot to do in one day.

"They worked together"

"Now they've all gone to sleep"

I'm looking forward to the next installment in the Happy Hooves series - I wonder what donkey and his friends will get up to next - inside information tells me it could involve Father Christmas!

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