The boy who really, really, really, loves lizards | John Hamilton

"The Boy who really, really, really loves Lizards" was written by John Hamilton as the final project for his MA in Children's Book Illustration.  It was inspired by John's son and his obsession with the lizards, frogs and snakes in the local museum.

I'm a bit obsessed myself, with really good picture books illustrations, and these fit right into my category.  These illustrations were based on sketches done actually in the museum, and if you look closely you can imagine what the creatures are thinking from the wonderful expressions on their faces...

I read this, as usual, with a group of 2-4 year olds.  We instantly loved the attached bookmarks, one illustrated with a froggy biscuit recipe and the other a lizard cutout shape.  The children rather like the look of the froggy biscuits and want to make some "right now" - I just need to find a frog-shaped biscuit cutter and we're off!

We spot and name all the different creatures in the museum vivarium - there's a new word to take home!  T loves the froggy underpants on the washing line - we could have predicted that!!

Anyway, the story is about a boy called Oliver who loves the lizards in the museum.   Here he is in his lizard suit.

However he soon discovers that all lizards do all day is sit on branches, sleep and eat.  Oliver thinks that sounds really boring.  We talk about what the children think lizards might do all day, and come up with some predictable suggestions - "eat ice cream", "go to the toilet"!!

There's a surprise ending as Oliver accidentally discovers a new animal passion as he's leaving the museum!

We really, really, really loved this book!!

[I was sent a copy of "The Boy who really, really loves lizards to review by the author]

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