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This time, Hannah has chosen "The baby who wouldn't go to bed" by Helen Cooper.  I remember this being one of her favourites... But what does she remember!

WHEN WAS I READING THIS BOOK - I must have been reading 'The Baby Who Wouldn’t Go To Bed' by Helen Cooper when I was about 5 years old or even younger, because I can’t properly remember reading it. I have only reread this book recently to remind me about the story and for writing this post although I now remember how much I loved it.

THE REASON I LOVE THIS BOOK - I think that I must love this book, because of the beautiful dreamlike illustrations and the repetitiveness of the plot. I love the illustrations, because the story is very much like a dream and has soft and blurred images, which add to the idea of a dreamlike world. Also, I love the way Baby visits lots of different characters who all have the same response when he asks them if they want to play and eventually there is a different response from the musicians, which I think is a lovely way to write a story.

MY FAVOURITE PART IS… - My favourite part is probably when Baby meets the tiger, because this is the image I have always remembered about the book and it is also the first character that Baby meets in the book. I love it so much, because the tiger is drawn in such a realistic, but dreamy way and that you can notice the zip on the tiger that makes you realise you are in Baby’s dream.

LOVING THE ILLUSTRATIONS OR NOT - I love the illustrations a lot… As I have previously said, I think that they are very dreamlike and realistic. I think this is mostly, because before rediscovering this book recently, I always thought it was actually a dream that I’d had when I was small. I thought that I was living the story alongside Baby in my dream and met the tiger and the other characters, so I never remembered that it was actually a book, until finding it again. I think the illustrations are so beautifully drawn and Helen Cooper has really captured a style that is dreamy and realistic and I think this contributed to me thinking that it was actually my dream.

WHO READ ME THIS BOOK - I reckon that my mum read me this book when I was small, although I don’t actually remember reading it at all, because I had this fixation that I had had this story as a dream and never realised that it was actually a book.

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