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I've been sent a copy of  "Hold that thought, Milton" by Linda Ravin Lodding and Ross Collins.  So today the children helped me with my review.  I read it with them, we talked about the pictures, and I asked them what they liked about the story.   Here's what happened...

It's the day of Milton's Aunt Lulu's wedding, and Milton's frog Burp has gone missing.

Milton has looked everywhere for him, and asked all his relatives if they have seen him - or rather he's TRIED to ask.  Everyone was too busy with wedding stuff to listen to poor Milton.

Milton has so much he wants to say to everyone that eventually his head is very full...

We used a little green frog toy as a prop in the story, and I hid him up.  We read the story and then I asked the children what they thought.  L said she really wanted to be the bride, because she loved the flower arrangement and the flowers on Aunt Lulu's dress.  T said he really wanted to be Milton - I think he liked the idea of owning a frog, or maybe the idea of turning green...  M liked the big wobbly jelly, she said "Look at the jelly, it's falling down!" and she liked the Mum, "because she's Mum".

The children looked for the frog when the story was finished - I'd forgotten where I had hidden him - when I got up he was under my legs!

We really liked "Hold that thought, Milton", it's a funny story with illustrations that give plenty to talk about.  We can use dialogic book talk with a story book like this - looking at the pages and commenting or asking questions about what we see.  We can involve the children in a conversation about what's happening - just like when we talked about what the children liked on the pages - if we can find things the children can relate to from their past experiences then it makes the chat easier - like M and the jelly - she loves food.  So we involved a 2, 3 and 4 year old in listening, understanding and speaking all through reading one story!


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